Men’s Matchplay

Men’s Matchplay


Men’s Foursomes Matchplay 2018

Taking part in the Matchplay Events

The matchplay events that take place every year give members the opportunity to take part in a different formats of golf and the chance to meet and compete against other golfers in the club.  If you are taking part in any of the matchplay events, please be aware of the following:

The onus is on the player on top of the draw to contact the other player to arrange the match.  Contact numbers can be obtained from the bar staff.  If you are on the bottom of the draw (or the second listed below) and you are limited in the dates that you can play your match, you should contact the other player/s.

Only in limited and exceptional circumstances, and with prior approval from the Men’s committee, will extensions to the deadline be granted.

The winning player should write their name on to the next round of the draw sheet in the men’s locker room

The matches can be played off the white plates or the tees of the day.  It is up to each pair to agree the tees that they will play from before the match.

If you are having undue difficulty in arranging your match, please contact Matchplay Co-ordinator, Ger Ronan before the deadline for the round passes.

If a match is not completed by the deadline, the match will be decided by the toss of a coin.