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Men’s Results & News – Feb 8th



Winter League Round 4 (14h S’ford) – Feb 8th

1st – Val Molloy (14) – 35 pts
2nd – Joe O’Farrell (15) – 34 pts
3rd – Dick Merrigan (15) – 33 pts (last 6)
Gross – Jack Ryan – 24 pts
Cat 1 – Jim Byrne (9) – 31 pts
Cat 2 – Harry Doran (11) – 33 pts
Cat 3 – Charlie Collins (18) – 31 pts

Upcoming Competitions

Sat 14th & Sun 15th – Valentine’s Open Fourball  (Open to Men, Women & Visitors in any combination – with a prize for the best couple given the weekend that’s in it!)
Sun 22nd – Winter League Round 5 – 14h S’ford (same timesheet as previous rounds applies for prepaid entrants, the timesheet will go live for non-prepaid entrants on Sun 15th at 9pm)
Sat 28th – Captains’ Drive In from 2pm
Sun Mar 1st – Club Singles – 14h S’ford (timesheet goes live on Sun 22nd at 9pm)

Paying your subscription early – First Prize Draw

The first draw for those who have paid their subscription in full by last Friday, Feb 6th will take place during the week with the results published in next week’s email.  For those who haven’t paid yet, there’s still an opportunity to be entered into the second draw if you pay in full by Friday Feb 27th. The prizes include 50% off your subscription for 2016, a series of golf lessons and spending money in the bar.  Paying your subscription early helps the club during the quiet winter period – why not pay early, help the club and hopefully help yourself to a great prize!

Condition of Course – Please do your bit

The winter is a particularly hard time for the course in terms of its condition.  Please ensure you are doing your bit to keep the course in as good a condition as possible at this time of year.  Please take the divot repair bags with you each time you play and encourage your playing partners to do so as well.  Use the sand in the divot repair bags to repair not just your own but any other divots you come across on the course.  Please make an extra effort to repair pitchmarks – they take a long time to heal if left unrepaired.  Give the bunkers a good and even raking after you play from them and why not pick up any rubbish that you find around the course and put it in the bins.  New Ross is a members’ club and it’s the responsibility of all of us as members to look after the course.

Pace of Play

One of the items that came out of the Competitions Survey was that ‘Pace of Play’ was a matter of concern for a good number of members.  The Men’s Committee will be looking closely at ‘Pace of Play’ during competitions this year and looking at ways in which to make a positive impact.  Here are a number of pointers to improve the pace of play:

– Check-in at least 10 minutes prior to your tee time.
– Be on the tee 5 minutes prior to your tee time.
– Every player is responsible for the speed of play of their group.
– Always endeavour to keep up with the group in front of you.
– Move quickly between shots and be ready to play when it is your turn.
– If you are behind, abandon the “Honour” system and the furthest from the hole hits first rule and adopt the procedure where, if it can be done safely, the person who is ready hits, even if he is further up the fairway, providing it is safe to do so.
– On the tee, shorter hitters hit first. Longer hitters hit last.
– Play a provisional ball if there is some doubt to where your ball finished.
– Leave buggies on the side of the green nearest the access to the next tee.
– Line up your putt and get set to putt while other players are putting without breach of etiquette.
– Putt out whenever possible
– If you “have the honour” on the next tee, hit first and then mark your scorecard.
– Mark your scorecard on the next tee while others are teeing off.
– In other than Stroke competitions, pick up your ball when you cannot score.
– If you lose a ball and or fall behind, play your next few shots as soon as it is safe to do so.

Find the Joker – Jackpot €800

The Find the Joker draw is up and running again with a healthy jackpot of €800 on offer.  The next draw takes place on Sunday Feb 15th at 5pm.  Entries cost €2 and are taken in the bar.  The draw winner will take home €30 if they don’t find the joker and win the jackpot.  Thank you to all who support this fundraiser.

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