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Club Cup Auction



An Auction to coincide with this year’s Club Cup will take place from 8.30pm sharp on Tuesday 6th August. The Auction will help to raise proceeds for the Clubhouse Disability Access Fund. The Club Cup takes place on August 11th & August 18th and is a 36 hole event. If you wish to be included on the Auction list you must book a tee time by Tuesday 6th August at 8pm.

We are delighted to say that Anne Carton and Des Moloney have offered their services as auctioneers on the night and their considerable expertise will allow the auction to be run in an orderly and professional fashion.

A Club Cup Auction took place for many years in the past and provided a great amount of interest and enjoyment for the members. The Auction takes a fair amount of effort to organise and we hope that you are able to take part and contribute to making the event a success.


The Auction will work as follows:

  • Every player on the timesheet at 8pm on Tuesday 6th August will be put up for auction.
  • The minimum bid will be €5, with €1 increments thereafter.
  • The winning bidder will own that player, however every player will have the right to buy a 50% share in themselves up until their first round tee time on August 11th (see below).
  • All proceeds raised at the auction will go into a prize fund.  20% of the prize fund will go to the Clubhouse Disability Access Fund with the remaining 80% given out as prizes
  • The owners of the winning players will receive cash prize amounts.  There will be a minimum of 10 prizes, including a first & second 18 prize.
  • Any unsold players at the auction may only be bought by themselves after the auction and up until their first round tee time on August 11th.  The minimum fee of €5 will apply
  • Any unsold players will not be eligible for Auction prizes, for example if an unsold player wins the Club Cup, they are ignored for purposes of the Auction prizes and the top Auction prize goes to the leading auctioned player.


Participating in the Auction

  • The players will be auctioned in timesheet order by the auctioneer/s
  • Individuals or syndicates can buy players.  Players may buy themselves at auction.
  • All winning bidders must pay in full for their player/s on the night of the auction
  • If you cannot attend the auction, telephone bids, proxy bids and written bids will be accepted, subject to the above condition that all successful bids must be settled in full on the auction night.
  • The decisions of the auctioneer/s will be final in determining successful bidders.


Written Bids

  • To place a written bid, clearly state the full Player Name, maximum bid amount, Bidder Name and Bidder telephone number on envelope.  Enclose the maximum bid amount and put the envelope in the Men’s Competition Box.
  • The auctioneer/s will have a list of written bids when auctioning players.  Players with written bids placed on them will be auctioned as normal with the minimum bid of €5 offered to the floor.  If there are no other bids, the player is sold for €5.  If your written maximum bid amount is over €5, the excess will be refunded to you.
  • If there is bidding from the floor, the auctioneer will acknowledge that there is a bid, increasing in amounts of €1, for amounts up to your maximum bid amount if necessary.
  • If two or more separate written bids are submitted for the same amount and are the highest offers, then the winner will be decided by lot.
  • All unsuccessful written bids will be refunded.
  • Refund amounts will be placed in an envelope and left behind the bar.


Buying a 50% share in yourself

  • If you are sold at the auction, you will still have the opportunity to buy a 50% share in yourself.
  • The cost of your 50% share will be half the successful bid price up to a maximum of €10.
  • You will be able to purchase a half share in yourself up until your first round tee time on Sunday August 11th.
  • You must pay for your half share prior to teeing off in the first round.

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